The Catholic Attic Episode 8: Inky

Brian and Joey sit down with Inky, aka Katrina Castro to talk singing, music, movies and more.  Originally from Queens, NY “Kat” grew up with the Marana brothers and now cantors at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cockeysville.  She completed a puzzle at Awesomecon and for several years in a row we gave her The Lord of the Rings Extended DVD sets for Christmas.

Warm Up Suggestions from Kat

Transported Man

Open My Eyes

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Newsboys God’s Not Dead

God’s Not Dead 2

Open My Ears

My eyes filled with tears as I pointed to the words, helping you read and sing along.  I watched you, standing right next to you.  Your face was so serious, so intent.  But so purely in the moment.  I could hear your voice rise with the music, more confident with every word.  I was, as always, so proud of you.

It was just the day before that I said the same thing.  As we got on the road to run errands you called out from the back and told me that you said a prayer before we left.

“That’s great Matthew!  Thank you!”

I thought about how Mom does the same thing either before driving somewhere or shortly after starting.

“We’re very proud of you” I added.

You asked me why.  Your face was blank, staring at me from the rear view.  Waiting for my response.

“Well, because Mom and I really do try and cultivate your prayer practice.”  I could see you thinking.

“I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but that time you meant it.”
“Meant what?”

“That you’re proud of me.”

I thought of our conversation then, and there.  In the pews where we normally don’t sit, inside and not in the standing area in the back.  And instead of letting the blur drip down and out of my eyes, I raised my voice and sang with you.

“That’s why we, seize the moment try to freeze it and own it

Squeeze it and hold it, cause we consider these minutes golden

And maybe they’ll admit it when we’re gone

Just let our spirits live on

Through our lyrics that you hear in our songs”

– Eminem, “Sing for the Moment”

There is a little baby on our unit at work.  She is just a little younger than your brother was when he was born.  She’s the first one too, like Kuya William was.  One of our nuns came over yesterday and talked with the parents.  Family was here and there were lots of tears.  You don’t remember but when William was in the NICU it was very similar.  The day after he was born they told us about bleeding in his brain.  And so the next day the nurses in the NICU put up partitions for privacy and we called a priest and we gathered around his warmer to baptize him and be with him.  It hurts to remember it, even now.  It hurts to talk to them, and be in that room even today.

A few weeks later we stood in the pews at Our Lady of the Assumption in Claremont and they started to sing the song.  And instead of understanding it figuratively, I thought of your brother and sang.  I sang for him.

“Open my eyes, Lord
Help me to see your face
Open my eyes, Lord
Help me to see

Open my ears, Lord
Help me to hear your voice
Open my ears, Lord
Help me to hear

Open my heart, Lord
Help me to love like you
Open my heart, Lord
Help me to love

And the last shall be first
And our eyes are opened
And we’ll hear like never before
And we’ll speak in new ways
And we’ll see God’s face in places we’ve never known

I live within you
Deep in your heart, O Love
I live within you
Rest now in me”

I wept then, right there in mass and I hold back tears sitting in front of this screen.  It reminds me of the very first time I heard Dick and Rick Hoyt’s story on Oprah.  Dick described the joy he heard from his son when they ran.  He said, “It’s a sound, I can’t describe it.”  “It must be the greatest sound in the world”, Oprah added and Rick’s dad broke down and could not complete the words from his mouth.

Song has often surprised me as the way my heart has heard God’s voice.  Last year, here in this very hospital when we met with the Order of Malta during prayer they thanked the Lord for your brother and how his life shows us God’s face.  But it is through you, and Kuya William and Hope, through your voices and questions, words and silence that you do the same thing.

I love you.  And I’m always very proud of you.


The Catholic Attic Episode 7: Veronica & Mik

Today we sat down with Veronica & Mik to talk about their upcoming wedding, our memories of wedding preparation and their experiences with The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)!  We were extremely excited to have them as our first guests on the podcast!

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